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Strong roots in the history of Italian steel industry, with mind pointing towards new applications for steel and its derivatives, this is our philosophy in a
Advanced design systems applied to modular metalworks products for manufacturing, building and plant industries. Craftmanship in modelling metals and countless ways to treat surfaces.
Officine Citterio has been working metals since the beginning of 1800 when it owned two factories in Milan and the Brianza area. The first dated document is the bill in Austrian Liras for the repairs of
a bell tower clockworks.

For years the company manufactures tools for agricultural machinery and metalworks for the building industry. Upon the arrival of Art Déco at the end of the century, the Milan factory starts specialising in wrought iron works for bannisters, home décor, chandeliers, candleholders and other ornamental elements. 
The War Period is characterised by military supplies for Breda and  Ansaldo factories. During WW2 the Milan premises are bombed and therefore abandoned and all production is transferred to  Brianza where, in post-war days, the company specialises in manufacturing doors and industrial doors.  .  

In 1952  the company acquires the patent SiLo® a special assembly procedure for  floor planks and gangway gratings in which the gratings are pressed locked. With some mechanical adjustments this product acquires an extraordinary mechanical resistance still widely employed today.   
The economic boom of the 60s calls for wide productions so Officine Citterio specialises in electro-welded gratings using English plants bought in 1967 and regularly upgraded.
Market diversification and the need to offer innovation lead Officine Citterio to a clear shift towards R&D, special productions and a refined technical service, hence recovering  the family heritage of creativity and craftmanship. 


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